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5-Seater Rentals


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5-Seater Rentals

Victoria only– vehicles are not insured outside of Victoria

Yes, we will provide you a link on vehicle pick up which has Insurance, Commercial Passenger Vehicle Registration and Redbook inspection so you can upload onto the rideshare platforms and start earning!

We have an automated charge platform so once you pick up the vehicle, we will automatically charge your card when rental payments are due

We hold a $500 security deposit which is refunded on return of the vehicle and providing no issues plus 14 days rental upfront

Insurance, CPV Registration, Maintenance and Servicing, 24 hour road side assistance

We require 14 days minimum hire

No, you need to set up a toll account otherwise we will reallocate these to you and charge an admin fee

At least 21 years old and hold a current Australian Drivers Licence

Let us manage
your vehicle instead?

How it works

Start Earning With Our Rideshare Program. We provide management of your vehicle - Think of it like a rental property and management agent, only for your car.

Why partner with Boutique Rideshare?

The entrance of Rideshare platforms has shaken the market and made it possible for anyone to operate a taxi service.

Capital – Vehicle – between 15 – 25k – Rideshare platforms will not allow cars to be older than 15 years however we recommend a car no older than 8 years. This will allow for the most return on rental and allow sufficient time for original payback on your capital investment.

  • One off set up fee plus monthly management fee.
  • This includes driver sourcing, legal contracts, maintenance and servicing coordintation.
  • We only charge our management fee if your car is leased out. This means we back ourselves to make sure your car is earning for you and us!
  • 2017 – Toyota Camry Hybrid $300 – $330 per week
  • 2017 – Toyota Corolla Hybrid $270 – $290 per week

Please Note – Prices quoted are based on market rates as of March 2022 and maybe subject to change. Weekly Rental amounts do not include operating costs.

  • Model is worked out at weekly rental of $290.00 per week, average of 4 weeks per month or 28 days per month.
  • Total of 336 lease days.
  • Balance days in the year is 29 – allows for car services, tyres and rental down time in between customers.
  • Total Yearly Revenue is $13,920.00 minus fees.
  • Maintenance

  • Insurance

  • Management Fee – We deduct this from your monthly rental so there are no out of pocket expenses!

Easy – with access to a network of dealers and car buying advocates, we can do it for you. From finding a rideshare suitable vehicle, helping negotiate the best purchase price, to insurance and maintenance, we have you covered!

If you would like more information on our vehicle management options, please complete the details and we will send you an information pack.

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